So I finally got an invite for google+ and then did the unthinkable, the sinful: I left Facebook.

I know what you’re thinking — I’m henceforth a hermit, a social pariah. “Good luck being nonexistent” is what my friend just texted me.

So it’s not permanent, it’s only a temporary deactivation, but the only other time I did it was during a deathly poli sci. midterm. This time it’s indefinite.

Also, I had an overload of social media in my life: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and now Google+. But Facebook dominated my life. I turned into one of those people who unthinkingly opens their browser and types that godForsaken letter. And we all know what happens next

You’re staring at the same people update their mundane daily activities that you don’t really care about but still feel the need to know. Cosmo actually named this syndrome: “fear of missing out.” Fomo. No, I wish I was kidding.

Anyway the simple solution would have been to not use it so much. But like I said, you do it unthinkingly. What was beginning to annoy me about Facebook was that after a point I didn’t want to share every minute detail about my life. People don’t want to know whether I’m in the gym, or eating a granola bar? And I don’t want to share that with them either.

But that didn’t mean I wanted to cut myself off from the online social experience. It wasn’t “fomo” as much as it was the kind of content that people were publishing on facebook. As I started to blog and intern at a news agency, the kind of things I wanted to share were about exactly these things: my blog posts, links to new articles and other interesting websites. Which of course there’s plenty of on Facebook, but you really have to sift through all the “junk.”

So I started sharing these things on twitter. The great thing about Twitter is that if people are interested in what you tweet they follow you. If not, you can still follow them. It’s not a mutual contract. Which google+ has picked up on.

I’m not saying I never want to be on Facebook again. But I’m thinking of starting a new account. Where I don’t need to accept people who I’m realistically never going to keep in touch with. Or read about their latest hangover.

Lets just say I’m on the G+ diet. However long that lasts.

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Saanya is a blogger on contemporary culture, politics, travel and lifestyle. She has previously been published in Times of India, DNA, Youth Ki Awaaz & more. Her blog seeks to provide a unique perspective on topical issues.

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    Good point! The news feed in FB is usually filled with stuff from the same folks. G+ seems to overcome this with the circles approach. It will be interesting to see how many will make a complete switch like you.
    First time to your blog, nice post! Cheers, Ajay

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