NEW DELHI — While our PM has been quite silent, our health minister has no qualms about raising his voice. And quite a few eyebrows.

His comment on homosexuality: the ‘unnatural disease’ has obviously stirred up a decent amount of controversy. What is perhaps more disturbing is that he might have used it as a ‘tactic’ to mobilise political support. Which means that his statement reflects the mentality of dozens of apparently uninformed citizens out there.

It’s the longstanding joke of Russell Peters that men in India walk around holding hands. We have no problem with some male public display of affection. Two years ago we saw thousands of gays parading the streets of Delhi celebrating the court’s decision to allow gay sex. This month we saw New Yorkers celebrating the legalisation of gay marriages. And Nepal, a country that is still struggling with formulating a constitution saw it’s first gay wedding last month.

So what message are we trying to send? Either that legal reforms are really not enough to change the social reality. Or Azad’s statement really was out of place. Queer, if you will.

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