I submitted this for the “Experience India” writing competition held by The Indian School of Business (ISB) in Hyderabad. The prompt was What is your vision about India 10 years from now? Even though I didn’t win, I thought it would be interesting to share: 

100 years of freedom struggle, 64 years of independence, 20 years of economic liberalization and what I believe can be 10 years to reposition ourselves globally. By this I mean mobilizing and empowering our populous and achieving substantive economic development, for which I set three goals which I believe we can reach in ten years: Youth activism and involvement in politics, greater transparency and a higher literacy rate.

Our youth is our strength but we haven’t used this to our advantage. Whether it is those privileged to study overseas or those privileged to study at all I believe our involvement in politics is crucial to create institutions that really represent “India.” Greater transparency will ensure a higher standard of business and political ethics. Both the first and second are crucial in fulfilling the third criteria.

Our freedom fighters had the vision of a sovereign nation, our leaders for an open economy, now it’s up to us, the nation of 1.2 billion people who have the potential but need to maximize it. We’ve fought corruption and risen up to the occasion in the recent Anna Hazare campaign and the Auiraya incident, embodying a vibrant civil society. We need to continue embracing what it means to be a democracy and fighting social and economic injustices, so that India can become a place where people have the freedom to make choices not just in terms of the party they vote for but about decisions that are relevant to their own life, where the number of people with cell phones won’t outweigh those with access to drinking water. This will be an India where we can really foster Indian national unity along the lines of justice, liberty, equality and fraternity and make our constitution a living reality.

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