As I drove off the Yamuna Expressway, toward Vrindavan, I could not help thinking it was slightly ironic that I was attending the inauguration of a helicopter service in a town that still needs better road connectivity.On reaching the venue ground, seeing massive crowds that had gathered to

commemorate this event, the expressions on their faces and the general excitement, something changed for me.

Hearing the speeches made by the local leaders, it was apparent that even if a lot of people in the audience had not had a chance to ride in, or even see a helicopter before, this does not diminish the fact that such a facility can still be seen as a positive development for the community.

For one, it is a symbol of pride and progress. This was evident from the eager and expectant faces of the people. More important, however, are the material benefits that can be sought from such a facility, by attracting more tourists, enabling the tourism industry to grow, and consequently leading to greater employment and involvement of the local community.

It was encouraging to see the important role that our leaders believe such a service can play in enhancing growth and development in the area. Something as small as a helicopter service can encourage us to dream big. Moreover, it need not imply that we have turned our attention away from other prominent issues, be it road connectivity or anything else. It simply goes to show that there are different paths to growth that can be pursued simultaneously.

After leaving Vrindavan today, it is my hope too that the community can continue to reap the benefits of such developments, and that each resident has the chance to avail of this opportunity one day.

Written for Member of Parliament Jayant Chaudhary’s blog, “Your Voice Your Issues.”

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