With each Desi wedding more lavish than the last, comes the cumbersome task of dressing to the nines, and the challenge of outdoing yourself each time. The explosion of shaadi-grams and wedding hash tags doesn’t make things easier, because repeating outfits is social media suicide.

The fusion trend in wedding-wear is a welcome change, since the focus is slowly shifting from from how heavy your outfit is to how trendy it is. At least that’s been my mantra for the last few weddings I’ve attended, because I simply refuse to wear necklaces that look more like armor, or earrings that sparkle from a mile away. I’d rather be remembered for wearing an outfit that was out of the ordinary, and it was for this reason that Indian Hanger caught my eye.

Indian Hanger by Sanjana Chinai showcases an exclusive eclectic mix of Indian wear from young and upcoming designers who specialize in affordable clothing. Its collection include a melange of Indo-western, keeping with the fusion trend, as well as edgy traditional clothing. What’s unique is that every piece is made-to-order and can be customized to suit the wearer. Here are 6 of my favourite pieces that will help you to make a statement at the your Desi wedding:

1. The Pullout:

This fun and floral little-miss-sunshine-esque pullout is perfect for a mehendi, or any day function. In true fusion element, you can ditch the churidar pants, because the gown is long enough that it covers your ankles.

The pullout comes in a free size, since the string is adjustable. You can also get this made in different colours, though I personally prefer brighter shades like the yellow, since they’re more fitting for the day.

2. The Kurta Jacket:

Saanya Gulati, Indian Hanger - Kurta Jacket

Saanya Gulati, Indian Hanger - Kurta Jacket, Back - Final

This kurta jacket is one of my absolute favourites, especially given that tunics and capes are in this season. The detailed embroidery adds a traditional touch, making this the perfect outfit for a formal evening function. All it needs is a pair of leggings and a black slip/tank top, making it uber-simple to style.

3. The Kurta Dress:

As the name suggests, this foil printed kurta-dress can be worn as a dress or a kurta, depending on the occasion.

Saanya Gulati, Indian Hanger - Pink Kurta Dress - Dress

Saanya Gulati, Indian Hanger - Pink Kurta Dress - Kurta

I prefer the kurta look on me, but that’s a personal call you can take depending on your body-type. Similar to the printed pullout, this piece is a free-size, since its string is adjustable.

4. The Dhoti Saree:

I’ve always found the saree a timeless piece, but draping them can be a disaster, especially if it’s a destination wedding. (Unless you can do it yourself, in which case Kudos to you!) The dhoti saree is the perfect piece if you need a hassle free saree experience, and it makes for a fun and trendy look. It comes pre-stitched, with leggings and a beautiful backless blouse, which you can style with other outfits too.

Saanya Gulati, Indian Hanger - Dhoti Saree

The baby blue shade, which I’m wearing here, is a pleasant change from the pink and orange hues that usually dominate shaadi season. It also reminds me of Princess Jasmine from Disney’s Aladdin. Maybe you’ll have your magic carpet moment here 😉

Saanya Gulati, Indian Hanger - Dhoti Saree 2

5. The Long Sheer Kurta

This delicate netted embroidered white-and-grey kurta is classic yet chic. Worn with white tights, it can be styled for formal occasions. You can ditch the dupatta, so that the detail on the Kurta remains the focal point of the outfit.

Saanya Gulati, Indian Hanger - White & Grey Kurta, Detail

6. Kurta + Jacket

This 3-piece white, orange and red kurta is versatile in that it can be dressed up or down, since the jacket is optional. I’ve tried both looks here:

Saanya Gulati Indian Hanger - Red and White Kurta Collage -Final

Saanya Gulati, Indian Hanger - White & Red Kurta -Detail
The use of gradation on the kurta adds an interesting depth to the outfit. You can also style the jacket separately, even as a white Kurta, an Indian wardrobe staple.

Check out Indian Hanger’s collections and order on their online store. You can also follow them on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated with their latest designs. 

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Saanya is a blogger on contemporary culture, politics, travel and lifestyle. She has previously been published in Times of India, DNA, Youth Ki Awaaz & more. Her blog seeks to provide a unique perspective on topical issues.


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    I love the dhoti saree. Been looking for it. Can you advise me on where I could find dhoti saree in India?


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