My erstwhile home in London, Kings Cross, is seldom paid a visit, but I’m always more than ready to venture pretty much anywhere for good food. With Laura’s friend arriving on the Euro-star last Sunday, it was a golden opportunity to restart our weekend brunch tradition. Besides, with the unfortunate news about Alan Rickman, a visit to Platform 9 ¾ was overdue on my part.

Granger & Co has three branches in London. This digital junkie, however, encountered it on Foodie Diaries, a London-based food blog that recently described brunch as a ‘sacred institution.’ As someone whose weekend isn’t complete without avocadoes and yolk-porn, I concur.

In anticipation of partaking in this sacred institution, I followed the regular ritual of starving before stuffing. Besides, being punctual was a priority, since word is that Granger & Co starts to stir up a crowd between 10:30-11 AM. And of course world-famous chef, Bill Granger’s restaurant does not take reservations on its busiest days. Thus brunch attire was donned, and the next bus to Kings Cross was boarded.

The good news is that we quickly move ahead in the queue, and within 10 minutes we are seated. An orange juice and coffee later, we’re scanning the menu to filter out our favourites, which is frankly a difficult task. Laura is craving something sweet, and settles on the Ricotta Hot Cakes with Banana and Honeycomb Butter. Meanwhile I scout for the two ingredients that my brain automatically associates with brunch. Yes, avocadoes and eggs. Luckily one of the Big Plates – Buckwheat Bowl, Avo, Poached Egg, Rose Harissa, (assorted Middle eastern spices), Goats Yoghurt, and Sunflower Sprouts – sounds like a more than perfect solution.

Saanya Gulati's Blog, Granger

With a week of the Lent term in, there’s much to be said about being back at school as well as the Christmas Break that once was. Since Laura is playing tour guide to her friend who will soon arrive, we strategise the most effective way to cover London’s most iconic spots in under 2-days. Of course another blog post is brewing in my mind.

My Buckwheat Bowl keeps me busy with its assortment of ingredients. I spoon a bit of everything – the tanginess of the yoghurt, the spiciness of the Harissa, yolkiness of poached egg, smooth avocados, and crunchy sunflower seeds – makes for a mouthful to describe, but a pleasant explosion of textures and flavours on my palette.

Saanya Gulati's Blog, Granger & Co

Saanya Gulati's Blog, Granger & Co

As for the pancakes, the ricotta is a genius addition, for you’ll never worry about these babies being too dry or too flat. They’re fluffy, creamy, and have a hint of savoury that mixes well with the honeycomb butter in your mouth, rather than being overly sweet. The sacred institution is intact.

Saanya Gulati's Blog, Granger

After washing down our delicious meals with another round of coffee and orange juice, we kill the extra time before Laura’s friend arrives in a hunt for Platform 9 ¾. Were it not for Alan Rickman, the entire endeavour could have been rather futile for the mock-up neither resembles the movie scene and is swarming with too many tourists ready to pay a ridiculous price for professionally taken photographs of them posing with a wall.

Luckily even London’s tourists can’t ruin my brunch-induced high and the walk is welcomed since some calorie burning is definitely in order; at least until my next face-stuffing activity.

Where: Stanley Building, 7 Pancras Square, King’s Cross, London N1C 4AG

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