Suhel Seth is managing partner of consultancy Counselage India, the only strategic marketing and branding consultancy in the India, founded in 2006. Mr Seth is also an accomplished author and columnist. He regularly appears on Indian news channels and writes columns in several publications including Daily News and Analysis, The Financial Express, The Financial Times, London Times and Business India. Mr Seth is also a board member of several international corporates including Cavendish and RADA and on the regional boards of Citibank, Coca Cola, Drayton Capital and Max Foundation

It’s that time of year when your calendar tells you it’s spring but your body tells you it’s still winter. The good news is that the days aren’t dreadfully short, which is finally motivating me to get back to my early-bird ways. Speaking of birds, look who paid a visit to my window-sill this morning.

Friends who pay you a flying visit. 🐣💁🏻 // #BombayDelhiGirlInLondon #PrettyFlyForAWhiteGuy

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I’m writing this on a sugar rush due to an overdose of Maltesers that were being distributed at the Labour Party office. Yes, I finally took the political plunge, and am volunteering for the mayoral campaign. And yes, we get paid in sweet treats.

Apart from my occasional chocolate binges, I like to believe I’m following a fairly healthy lifestyle. The Nike Training app that I downloaded a month ago from a friend’s recommendation has upped my gym game like none other. So, I now possess an odd mix of obsessions for chocolate and muscle soreness.



🙋🏻💪🏼 // #SundayGymSession #BombayDelhiGirlWorksOut #ForearmPlank

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In other news, it’s almost the end of Lent term, which means that I’m now past the six-month mark for my Masters degree. It seems like just yesterday that I was musing about what it means to be a Londoner.


With the job search gaining salience, I decided to enhance my LinkedIn profile by utilizing the post feature. Some of my pieces have done surprisingly well! I am also hopeful about launching my career in public affairs with a week-long internship at Curzon PR that starts in 10 days. For the blog, I am hoping that brings more pieces like my recent one on crisis communications, as I follow more developments in the digital space.

You may be wondering: what’s the point of all of these updates? I can’t say there is one, because there never is a purpose behind rambling. But the reason I’m calling myself out on that is because it’s not characteristic of me to ramble. I’m a raconteur: I’m here to tell stories, not saunter aimlessly. Truth be told, I’ve never been fond of that writing format.

So rest assured I’ll continue to tell stories, and there are a ton that I have in the pipeline. Meanwhile, I hope that my mini-stories can provide a partial explanation for the time gaps, as I attempt to master the art of managing multiple commitments, and reincarnate my spring-self as a morning person. In short, consider this my way of saying that I haven’t forgotten about you. Maybe rambling can have a purpose after all!

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