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With days dedicated to each member of the family – fathers, mothers, sibling, and even different food groups – pancakes, chocolate, and sushi – it was only a matter of time before social media had its own day. After all, how else would we know about these days if not through social media?

As a scholar of media and communications, and a writer, I tend to avoid the overly cynical attitude toward social media. While I don’t advocate the ‘anti-social’ or addictive practices it encourages, I find it equally important to acknowledge its advantages, whether it is the valuable connections (read: not creepy messages from unknowm men) you can form, or the unprecedented efficiency it has brought to customer service.

As blogger, the benefits of using social media are simple: I get people to read about what I have to say. In that spirit, here’s a look-back on my blog posts that have received the most traction. As a social media bonus, for any aspiring bloggers in the audience, I have also added a short commentary on what I think made these pieces stand out.

  1. How I Quit The Social Sector To Join The Corporate World

While click-bait titles are all the rage, this piece defies the convention that only ‘buzz-feedy’ content sells. Not only is this piece long form, but also based on a personal narrative that seemed to have resonance with several readers. Not only is this one of my most viewed pieces till date, but also the most commented on.

  1. The Curious Case of India’s Whatsapp Culture

Much like #1, this piece is another cultural commentary based on personal observations. While its views on the blog itself weren’t as high, the LinkedIn post feature proved to be a successful strategy in this case. For those who write about topics related to technology, or the workplace, I would highly recommend promoting your pieces on the platform.

  1. Here’s a Hymn For Your Weekend: Dig Deeper Than The Debate Over Cultural Appropriation

Going by my statistics, cultural commentaries seem to be my blog’s specialty. Of course the added advantage in this pieces was the contemporary relevance, and the original angle. The theoretical perspective on post-colonialism also resulted in the piece being shared widely among fellow media classmates. In fact the reactions even prompted me to write a sequel titled ““5 Reasons You Should Stop Convincing People To Not Be Offended By Coldplay’s Video”,” which received a decent readership, albeit not in the top-10.

  1. Yatra Diaries: All Aboard

Finally, something in the non-culture category! The reason for this post being shared so widely is pretty straightforward: 750 other passengers accompanied me on this journey. Of course, living on a train for 15 days is not everyone’s cup of tea, in which case this was an opportunity for those to virtually follow the series. A friend even equated her anticipation for each new post to waiting for new episodes of Modern Family. If that isn’t a compliment, then I don’t know what is.

  1. Shaadi Shopping Made Easy: 6 Silhouettes From Indian Hanger

Fashion was something I accidentally forayed into. While it was a happy accident, there was a fair amount of skepticism from those who knew me well, since they felt the topic was too frivolous for a writer looking to be taken seriously. However, the way I approach anything on my blog is as a storyteller. And telling the story of Indian Hanger was something I – and evidently my readers – thoroughly enjoyed.

  1. Stop Trying To Make The Millennial Syndrome Happen

If the Coldplay piece taught me anything, it is that anger is a great intellectual muse. In the case of this piece, it was the constant influx of articles generalizing the millennial syndrome. While some may find ranting a futile endeavour, it has clearly become one of my fortes.

  1. Talking About Thalassemia: Join Me In Supporting The Think Foundation In The Mumbai Marathon

Call for Actions are not a common genre of blog posts for me. But when my sisters and I decided to jointly raise funds for the Mumbai Marathon, I felt compelled to narrate the personal story behind it. More rewarding than the views in this case was the 10 Lakh Rupees ($14,800) that we managed to raise through this initiative.

  1. An Open Letter From A South Bombay Boy Who Has No Reservations!

Guest blog-posts are not something I have introduced on my blog. But when I saw a satirical take on the reservation-saga led by Hardik Patel in the context of South Bombay, I knew that this Bombay-Delhi Girl had to have a say in it. A spontaneous decision to re-post the excerpt (with due permission) ended up being a smart one. For those on the fence about guest-posts, my take is that showcasing someone else’s work is a good way to expand your reader-base, but make sure that it is within the ambit of topics you regularly cover.

  1. Maxied out with Vesa India

For all those skeptical about my foray into writing… need I say more?

  1. Recipe: Homemade Mexican 5-Layered Dip

Speaking about new categories I have forayed into, food was one that I was even more hesitant about than fashion. It was the advice (read: daily badgering) of a close friend that finally convinced me test – or in this case, taste – the waters. While writing about something I love doing is enjoyable, it is also challenging to convey an activity as mundane as eating in a manner that is memorable for my readers. The explosion of new online food networks has also helped boost many of my posts, such as this one.


As a parting thought, I’d like to point out that while statistics are important, they should never be the sole incentive for a writer. None of my restaurant reviews, which have lately taken over the blog, have made it to this list, but that has not stopped me from pursuing my culinary quest (it would take a lot more to stop me from finding good food ;)) That said, many of my most-viewed pieces are also some of the pieces I have enjoyed writing the most, or issues that I am most passionate about. And you know what they say about pursuing your passion, so thanks for being great readers and allowing me to pursue mine!

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