There is an iconic scene from the movie Chocolat, when the Comte de Renauld, mayor of the small French village, sneaks into Vianne Rocher’s chocolaterie to destroy it – convinced that it is leading the citizens of his town astray from their faith.

An eccentric battle ensues where he mercilessly cuts the head of a chocolate-sculpted woman and proceeds to stab the rest of the chocolates in the display window. That is, until a small piece accidentally flies into his mouth…and of course the rest is history.

The movie’s powerful message is that chocolate changes lives – or in the case of Renault – even hearts. Of course it is hardly far-fetched, since even science has validated the health benefits of chocolate. So in that spirit, here’s sharing some of the chocolates – and heavenly chocolate desserts – that have changed my life.

1) 7-Layered Chocolate Cookie at Nutcracker, Mumbai


This is a signature dessert at one of my favourite cafes in one of Mumbai’s quaint neighbourhoods. While I am still not sure what all seven layers consist of, expect a brownie like consistency (despite its name) oozing with different chocolatey textures, and a hint of hazelnut.

2) 7-textured hazelnut and chocolate at Sassy Spoon, Mumbai


Not sure if the choice of 7 is a coincidence, or a play on seventh-heaven, but that is definitely where this dessert is taking you. With a crunchy chocolate base, silky mousse like cake, rich hazelnut chocolate balls, and chocolate sauce poured on top, you’ll eventually stop counting and keep eating.

3) Hot Chocolate Shot at Chocolat Chocolat, Cambridge


Hot chocolate is rarely done right, because it’s more milky and less chocolatey. Chocolat Chocolat, a charming store in Cambridge that sells all things chocolate, has a chocolate shot, which is a warm and deliciously rich concoction of chocolatey liquid.

The only other place that I remember having a satisfying hot chocolate is LA Burdick’s Handmade chocolate, an artisanal chocolatier with outlets across the US. Coincidentally, this was also in Cambridge, albeit in Boston.

4) Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Fudge at Fudge Kitchen, Cambridge

Image Source: This Little Space of Mine
Image Credits: This Little Space of Mine

Let me clarify I am not in the business of promoting Cambridge chocolates. Although I did visit a few weeks ago, I mentioned in my travel blog that I was pleasantly surprised with the plethora of great desserts the town has to offer.

Fudge Kitchen, located opposite Kings College, is not just about selling chocolate, but living it. From the moment you walk in, the aroma of freshly cooking fudge will allure you in, and the unlimited free tastings will keep you coming back for more.

If you’re not a fan of overly sweet chocolate, the dark chocolate and sea salt is definitely your best bet.

5) Fruit and Nut Covered Chocolate at Ghirardelli Square, San Fransisco.

While the packaged Ghirardelli chocolate squares available at every corner store are good, the ones from San Francisco –where the factory is located – are something else. In addition to the unconventional flavoured squares, like chilli and chocolate, and brownie fudge, the chocolate covered fruit and nut are my all-time favourites.

Prezzies from the fam, all the way from SF🍫🎁 // #BombayDelhiGirlEats #GlobalGulatis

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While I am still to make it to the Bay Area myself (the chocolates were a souvenir from my family who felt sorry I couldn’t join them on vacation this summer) I am willing to generously repay anyone who offers to brings me some if they plan to visit. 😉

6) Chocolate Sangria at Tres, Delhi

Chocolate-based cocktails are common, but Tres’ chocolate sangria is the first wine-based chocolate cocktail I have come across. And a delectable one at that, for the chocolate adds a newfound depth to the drink that I didn’t think was possible.


So, here’s hoping that chocolate can touch your life the way it has touched mine – and touched Comte De Renauld’s. Happy World Chocolate Day!

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