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In a world dominated by digital devices, there is a nostalgic case to be made for print media. This sense of nostalgia was strong when a group of LSE students took the decision to launch a media and communications journal, which would be keepsake of our academic journey in London.


The idea: A cross-cultural initiative to address some of the contemporary debates in media and communications. The voice would be ours, and it would be UnMediated.

The problem: Like most great ideas, this one comes with a cost. Printing is costly and cumbersome. Thus was born our Kickstarter campaign. 

The pledge: We have currently raised a little over 1,000 GBP. As you know, Kickstarters model is all or nothing. So in the next week, the onus is on us to reach our initial pledge of 1,500 GBP.



The request: Simple. You can help by donating as little or as much as you want, sharing the link with those whom you think would be interested in supporting the cause, and spreading the word like wildfire.

The returns: Plentiful. From receiving your own copy if you pledge over 20 GBP, to encouraging the proliferation of intelligent opinions (which the world has never needed more of), or simply joining us in our journey to create literary history, there are many things to look forward to. So, we look forward to your support!

For more information about the campaign visit our Kickstarter Page here.




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Saanya is a blogger on contemporary culture, politics, travel and lifestyle. She has previously been published in Times of India, DNA, Youth Ki Awaaz & more. Her blog seeks to provide a unique perspective on topical issues.

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