Can I publish a guest post on your blog?

 While I have not started accepting contributions yet, I do plan to introduce this feature on my blog at a later stage. At the moment I am still building my own brand and audience. However, if there is a story idea you feel strongly about, do write to me at and I am happy to suggest a suitable platform for you to contribute to.

P.S. I also run a blog called Bombay Delhi Stories, which is largely driven by writers’ contributions, so do check it out, in case you would like to write for that!

Can I co-author a post with you?

Absolutely. I have collaborated with other bloggers in the past, and I find it a great way to diversify my writing and bring in a new perspective. You can email me to discuss ideas for posts that you would like to co-author. However, do keep in mind the overall objective of my blog, the topics I cover, and the writing style, when pitching your idea, as it should ideally fit these criteria. That said I am sure we can work out something that mutually benefits both us, and I look forward to hearing your ideas.

Can you feature my brand/review my product on your blog?

I do feature brands, given that they are within the ambit of the topics I cover. While the lifestyle section is a more recent addition to my blog, it is dedicated largely to niche Indian brands, upcoming designers, and young entrepreneurs. If your brand/product falls within that category, then this is definitely the right platform for you! However, don’t hesitate to email if your brand doesn’t fall under those categories, we may just be able to work something out!

Do you cover events?

Yes, again assuming that they are within the ambit of topics that I cover. Email me with the details, so that we can work something out.

Can you give me advice on blogging? 

Definitely. I have advised several acquaintances and brands who have approached me about starting their own blogs. If you are looking for professional advice on blogging, do write to me with your specific requirements, so that I can work out a customized package for you.

Why BombayDelhiGirl?

BombayDelhiGirl is the identity I assume on social media. Having spent over seven years in either city, they have remained shaping forces in my life, from inspiring me to write and interact with diverse individuals. Despite the rivalry that exists between the two cities, I believe it is possible to love one without hating the other – thus, the genesis of this name.